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You have told us that you represent an organisation that is interested in joining RESAVER or an organisation that has already joined RESAVER.

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Special terms link to their definition in the Glossary.

Introducing RESAVER

RESAVER for your organisation

Employers that join RESAVER are known as Members.

From a Member perspective, there are three key elements relating to RESAVER:

  • RESAVER Pension Fund – a multi-employer, workplace defined contribution pension arrangement across multiple countries.
  • RESAVER Insurance can be offered as a voluntary private pension solution to individuals who work with you but who do not have employment contracts. It will also be available as a short-term solution to employers registered in countries not yet part of the RESAVER Pension Fund.
  • The RESAVER Consortium, which delivers strategic direction. In order to take part in RESAVER, an organisation must first join the RESAVER Consortium.

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