RESAVER Pension Fund

RESAVER Pension Fund is a multi-employer, pan-European defined contribution pension solution for research organisations and their employees.

Joining the RESAVER Pension Fund

  • Find out if your organisation is eligible to join and, if so, how. 
  • Find out which individuals can join.
  • Download the current list of member organisations.

Read more on who is eligible.

The RESAVER Pension Fund in detail

  • Find out how the RESAVER Pension Fund works.
  • Explore the investment options.
  • Read about myresaver, the administrative service centre for member organisations.

Read how the RESAVER Pension Fund works.

Governance and regulation

  • See a list of current service providers.
  • Read about the General Assembly and the Board of Directors.
  • Read about the EU Directive that makes RESAVER possible.
  • Learn about the Home Country and Host Countries.
  • Read a summary of the roll-out plan for RESAVER.

Read  about the governance and regulation.