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    Isn’t it time for simpler pensions for international employees?

    RESAVER is an excellent choice for both international and local employees, eliminating the hurdles of vesting periods, transfer fees, and administrative complexities.

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    • Vesting period

      Vesting periods refer to the time an employee must work for the same organisation before they earn the right to their pension benefits, potentially disadvantaging those who leave earlier. RESAVER has no vesting period, ensuring that even a single contribution is enough for the money to be fully vested in the scheme.

    • Transferability

      Transfer in or out fees can significantly erode returns on investment, diminishing the overall benefits for retirees. RESAVER imposes no transfer fees, whether for transfers in or out, enabling employees to seamlessly join or exit the scheme without adversely affecting their final pension amounts.

    • Ease of use

      Managing received pension contributions, or accessing them at retirement age, can be particularly challenging for individuals, especially mobile employees, due to potential language barriers and geographical distance from pension institutions. RESAVER is entirely paperless, and its digital platform, MyRESAVER, available in multiple languages, facilitates beneficiaries in administering their supplementary pensions conveniently from any corner of the world.

    • Security

      Security of pension funds is paramount for beneficiaries. RESAVER boasts a robust governance structure and is overseen by both the Belgian Financial Services Markets Authority and the competent authorities in every country where RESAVER operates.

    • Transparency

      Untransparent fee structures can lead to unforeseen and unwelcome costs for both organisations offering supplementary pensions and the employees benefiting from them. RESAVER, as a non-profit organisation, provides a transparent fee structure and open governance, ensuring no surprises regarding costs, investments, or the fund's management.

    • Sustainability

      Institutional investors play a pivotal role in sustainability, as their substantial financial influence can contribute towards environmentally and socially responsible practices. RESAVER, a pension fund solely for research-performing organisations and backed by the European Commission, places significant emphasis on reducing its operational carbon footprint and continuously evaluates its investment choices, with ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) funds being an important component of its investment strategy.

    Who can join RESAVER?
    • All organisations employing at least one researcher
    • All research organisations regardless of their size
    • All staff members from the research organisation regardless of their contract type
    • Research organisations located in the European Economic Area
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