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Interview with Slaven Misljencevic from the European Commission on pensions for early-career researchers

27 March 2019

The European Council of Doctoral Candidates and Junior Researchers (Eurodoc) has published an interview with Slaven Misljencevic, policy officer at the European Commission.

The article focuses on early-career researchers who are likely to become multi-country employees at some point during their professional lives. It emphasises the necessity to turn young researchers’ attention to the pension topic at the beginning of their career to ensure that they reach an adequate level of income at retirement. The typical sources of retirement income are detailed in the article and it is also mentioned why mobile employees might face administrative difficulties when trying to withdraw their pensions from different employers in different countries. RESAVER is addressing the issue around research mobility and helps employees to monitor their pension savings throughout their whole career via one single platform called MyResaver.

Slaven highlighted that RESAVER is in the process of expanding the number of employers participating in the pension fund to reach maximum impact for the mobile and (non-mobile) research community.

To read the interview, please visit the website of Eurodoc.

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RESAVER at the Marie Curie Alumni Association Conference

20 February 2019

RESAVER will be represented at the Marie Curie Alumni Association General Assembly and Annual Conference to be held in Vienna on 24 – 25 February 2019. MCAA connects researchers throughout Europe, and around the world to enable international collaborations.

The presence of RESAVER at the MCAA conference offers to researchers the opportunity to get to know more about RESAVER and how it can prevent them from losing their pension rights when they work in different countries.

Indi Seehra, independent Board Director will be looking forward to providing more information to interested researchers and/or organisations by our RESAVER stand.

Visit the Marie Curie Alumni Association website, for more information about this event.

RESAVER Board welcomes FSMA

09 January 2019

Director of the FSMA, Ms Greet T’Jonck was invited to the Board meeting of the RESAVER Consortium in October 2018 to talk about the implications of the new IORP Directive.

For the FSMA it will be important that RESAVER, along with other occupational pension institutions, sets well-defined roles and responsibilities in the Board of Directors. Moreover, communicating clearly with employees about investment principles, costs, plan rules’ adjustments, performance, etc. is a top priority.

The agenda of the Board also included the upcoming new PEPP regulation. It could be a great opportunity for researchers without adequate occupational pension benefits to have access to a pan-European personal pension product.

RESAVER welcomes new members of the Consortium

01 August 2018

Biobanking and BioMolecular Research Infrastructure (BBMRI, Austria) and Marie Curie Alumni Association (MCAA, Italy) are now members of the RESAVER Consortium and as such, they are actively shaping the future of RESAVER.

BBMRI-ERIC was created to establish, operate and develop a pan-European distributed research infrastructure of biobanks and biomolecular resources in order to facilitate the access to resources as well as facilities and to support high quality biomolecular and medical research.

MCAA connects researchers throughout Europe, and around the world, to enable international transdisciplinary collaborations in order to achieve its mission of supporting, and contributing to, the advancement of knowledge for a global, diverse, and informed society

Find out more about how the RESAVER Consortium works, the benefits of membershipmembership criteria and how to join.

RESAVER postponing the search for providers across the EEA offering personal pension products to Researchers

15 March 2018

On November 24th 2017, RESAVER Consortium published a tender looking for providers across the EEA offering personal pension products to the (mobile) Researchers. End of February, after reviewing the responses to the tender, the Consortium decided to postpone the procurement process as there are too few candidates to proceed with a competitive procedure. The Consortium believes that postponing the decision is probably the best solution.

The EC is currently preparing new regulations for a pan-European Personal Pension Products, called PEPP. It is expected that providers will set up new products on the basis of these regulations, offering a more suitable solution for mobile researchers. It is very likely that the RESAVER Consortium will start up a new tender procedure in the coming year(s) to find a suitable partner or solution within this framework.

RESAVER already has a solution for Researchers with employment contract through the RESAVER Pension Fund. The RESAVER Consortium is committed to offer a proper, cross-border pension provision for researchers without an employment. Experience from the current tender process shows that this issue may be resolved once the PEPP regulations will result in real pan-European players on this market.

This has no impact on the occupational pensions offering through the RESAVER Pension Fund.

Giovanna and Stephan retire: Check out their pension savings!

12 February 2018

The latest RESAVER Guide presents a pension saving example for Giovanna and Stephan, two researchers whose career spans multiple European countries and employers.  Check out the savings difference between Giovanna, member of RESAVER, and Stephan, who was not part of RESAVER.

RESAVER at the Marie Curie Alumni Association Conference

23 January 2018

RESAVER representatives will be at the Marie Curie Alumni Association Conference and Genreal Assembly at the University of Leuven on the 2 – 3 February 2018. MCAA connects researchers throughout Europe, and around the world, to enable international collaborations.

The presence of RESAVER at the MCAA conference offers to researchers the opportunity to get to know more about RESAVER and how it can prevent them from losing their pension rights when they work in different countries.

Do not miss the presentation of RESAVER by Indi Seehra, independent Board Director, at 16:00 on 2 February, and pass by our RESAVER booth for further information.

Visit the Marie Curie Alumni Association website, for more information about this event.

RESAVER is looking for providers across the EEA offering personal pension products to the (mobile) Researchers

24 November 2017

On 24 November 2017, RESAVER published a Public Tender in the Official Journal of the European Union looking for interested insurance companies and financial institutions willing to offer personal pension products to individuals working for organisations member of RESAVER Consortium.

This solution is in the first place targeting individuals without an employment contract as these people have no access to “regular” occupational pension plans. Also employees with an employment contract will have access to the same products at the same (favorable) conditions. The target population consists of all individuals working for education and research institutions in the EEA covering millions of people. It is expected that the products provided will be the existing local market pension products.

This initiative can be considered as a first step up towards a Pan-European Personal Pension Product helping researchers to ensure easy access to a (private) pensions wherever they go.

More information regarding the invitations to tender can be found on the RESAVER Procurement website at

Extended deadline for submission of Pre-qualifing questionaire (PQQ) documentation.  

On December 23, RESAVER published a Notice for Changes (2017/S 247-520634) in the Official Journal of the European Union providing interested insurance companies and financial institutions additional time (until January 31, 2018) to submit their candidacy.

RESAVER Pension Fund fully operational

31 May 2017

RESAVER Pension Fund has been fully operational since April 2017 when the first participating institution started contributing into the Fund. RESAVER Consortium, Aon and the European Commission are now working on enrolling new organisations and countries in RESAVER, expecting to have 9 countries set up by 2019 and new organisations joining the fund in the first half of 2018.

RESAVER receives regulator endorsement from Italy and Hungary

10 February 2017

After the recent approval by the Belgian regulator to operate a cross-border pension vehicle, the local regulators in Italy and Hungary have now granted authorisation for cross-border pension provision with RESAVER. The RESAVER Pension Fund is expected to receive contributions from its first Hungarian members on 1 March 2017.

RESAVER receives 400,000 EUR additional support from the European Commission

09 February 2017

The RESAVER Pension Fund has been awarded a grant of 400,000 EUR to cover the operating costs for the first year. European Commission continues to generously support RESAVER via various financial and marketing initiatives.

Belgian regulator grants RESAVER the authorisation to provide retirement benefits

15 November 2016

RESAVER has moved a big step closer to going live, with FSMA (the Belgian pensions regulator) having granted authorisation for the RESAVER Pension Fund to provide retirement benefits.

The RESAVER Pension Fund is now expected to be fully operational in December 2016, once regulators in Hungary and Italy confirm the right application of social and labour laws.

Belgian Ministers' decision - another reason to join RESAVER

31 October 2016

A recent decision by the Belgian Council of Ministers clarifies pension taxation for cross-border plans. The decision affects pensions paid from Belgian-based plans like RESAVER. It ensures that pension paid to a non-resident pensioner, with no link to Belgium other than membership of a Belgian-based plan, will not be subject to taxation in Belgium. 

This also confirms the tax neutrality of the RESAVER structure and enhances its attractiveness as a portable pension for mobile researchers in Europe - who join RESAVER through the institutions that employ them.

Join the Consortium and shape the future of RESAVER

01 August 2016

All research institutes – both in the private and public sectors – can join the Consortium and contribute to the RESAVER Pension Fund.

If your organization would like to join, you can download a copy of the 'membership application form', from the link below.

There is no fee for joining RESAVER Consortium and members can leave at any time. 

Since March 2015, RESAVER Consortium has also welcomed 15 new member organisations (representing over 100 institutions across Europe) who are now Associate Members of the Consortium and actively participate in shaping the future of RESAVER via frequent discussions at the Consortium meetings, Working Groups, Mutual Learning sessions and Workshops. The initiative has also been supported by the League of European Research Universities (LERU) and the European Universities Association (EUA).

Find out more about how the RESAVER Consortium works, the benefits of membership, membership criteria and how to join.

Our news archive

Founding members of RESAVER Pension Fund

25 July 2016

The first members to participate in the RESAVER Pension Fund are Central European University (CEU) in Hungary, Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste (Elettra) in Italy and Central European Research Infrastructure Consortium (CERIC-ERIC) an international organisation. Initial contributions are expected to flow into RESAVER during September 2016.

The first appointed directors on the Board of the pension fund are Cristina Garettini (of Elettra) and Gabriella Kemeny (of CEU).

The 20+ additional members of RESAVER Consortium are expected to gradually join the Fund and start contributing in due course.

RESAVER Pension Fund now incorporated

21 July 2016

The RESAVER Pension Fund was incorporated on 14th July 2016 by three founding members – Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste, Central European University and Central European Research Infrastructure Consortium (CERIC-ERIC).

RESAVER confirms extensive provider list

20 July 2016

The RESAVER Consortium launched tenders for various roles for RESAVER Pension Fund during October 2015. The choice of top-level providers reflects a commitment to a state-of-the-art pension arrangement dedicated to European research-related public and private organisations across 31 EEA countries. 

The selection of providers is an important step towards enabling RESAVER Pension Fund to operate successfully. The RESAVER Consortium, supported by Aon Hewitt, named the various service providers for RESAVER Pension Fund, the first European multicountry, multi-employer DC pension fund, during the Board of Directors Meeting hosted by CEU in Budapest during April 2016.

This list of confirmed providers includes the following organistions supporting RESAVER's flexible pensions arrangement as it is rolled out across the EEA: 

  • Accountant:   
  • Actuary:    
  • Compliance Officer:    
    Lydian CVBA
  • External Auditor:    
  • Internal Auditor:    
  • Investment Management:    
    BlackRock Inc. 
  • Member Administration:    
    Previnet S.p.A 
  • Reinsurance:    

The selection process continues for the RESAVER TFR solution (the investment guarantee line for Italy), actuary and reinsurer, which are expected to be appointed during October 2016.

More information regarding the invitations to tender can be found on the RESAVER Procurement website at

A European Pension for a European Labour Market

20 May 2016

The Science and Technology Options Assessment (STOA) are holding a working breakfast under title of 'A European Pension for a European Labour Market'.

This event will be run on Tuesday 24 May 2016 from 08:00 to 09:00, at the European Parliament, Brussels, in the Paul-Henry Spark Building in Room P7C050.


  • Paul RÜBIG,
    MEP & STOA Chair


  • Wolfgang BURTSCHER
    Deputy Director-General, DG Research, European Commission
    RESAVER Consortium
  • Indi SEEHRA,
    HR Director, London School of Economics
  • Andreas DAHLÉN,
    Policy Officer, DG Research, European Commission

Closing Remarks

  • Paul RÜBIG, MEP & STOA Chair

See the event's marketing poster for more details.

RESAVER IORP appoints Prominent International Providers

25 April 2016

The RESAVER Consortium supported by Aon Hewitt have named Blackrock, Previnet, KPMG, Deloitte, BDO and Lydian as service providers for RESAVER IORP, the first European multi-country, multi-employer DC pension fund.  The project is supported and sponsored by the European Commission via Horizon 2020 Framework. 

You can read the full press release RESAVER IORP appoints Prominent International Providers and view the a library of images from the announcement event which took place in Budapest on 13 April 2016.

RESAVER Website goes live

25 October 2015

We’re pleased to welcome you to the new RESAVER website. From here you can find out about the RESAVER initiative and how you can get involved – for the benefit of your organisation and your employees.

We will be updating the site regularly over the coming months as RESAVER becomes operational, so come back again to make sure you’re up to date on the latest developments.