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RESAVER is committed to help employees of research organisations within the European Economic Area while benefiting their individuals.

Mission and Vision

The mobility of researchers is a driver of excellence in research. However, researchers face difficulties in preserving their pension benefits when moving.

RESAVER was born to create a single European pension plan with the support of the European Commission to offer a defined contribution and tailored plan for research organisations and their employees.

RESAVER will help foster mobility, be more competitive to attract the best talent and create an attractive labour market for researchers.

RESAVER aims to be the option that goes beyond the local pension solutions and remains flexible enough for institutional customisation.

RESAVER Consortium


promote the establishment of the RESAVER Pension Fund for the benefit of individual employees of research organisations within the EEA.

design the common features of pension arrangements that are included in RESAVER Pension Fund for each country

define the roll-out plan for the RESAVER Pension Fund

represent organisations/employers

engage in the selection process for service providers

RESAVER Consortium


General Assembly

The General Assembly’s role is to supervise or set the strategy of the Consortium:

  • approving the annual accounts and the budget;
  • deciding on the admission or exclusion of Member organisations;
  • approving amendments of the bylaws;
  • electing the members of the Board of Directors;
  • appointing the statutory auditor (if any);
  • deciding on the dissolution of the RESAVER Consortium; and
  • approving the common pension plan design for each country.

The General Assembly is the general leading body of the Consortium. It takes decisions by voting and meets at least once a year.

The General Assembly is composed of Founding Members and Full Members. Each have one vote. Associate Members do not have voting rights.

The Consortium is managed by its Board of Directors, the executive body. The Board is elected by the General Assembly.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

It is the management body for RESAVER, with the aim of ensuring the RESAVER initiative is supported, fit for purpose and able to deliver successfully. It is elected by the General Assembly.

It makes proposals to the General Assembly about:

  • general benefit design of RESAVER for each country (as laid out in the rules);
  • selection of service providers and other parties for promoting, designing and establishing RESAVER;
  • admission of Members to the RESAVER Consortium;
  • exclusion of Members to the RESAVER Consortium;
  • annual accounts and budget; and
  • meetings of the General Assembly

Other responsibilities are:

  • deciding on the contracts entered into by the RESAVER Consortium;
  • setting the RESAVER Consortium membership fees, if any;
  • deciding on the suspension of Members and Associate Members;
  • monitoring the work of the Chair, and in particular the budget management;
  • promotion and marketing of RESAVER; and
  • any residual powers not expressly conferred to the General Assembly.


Find out who the members of the Board of Directors are.

Consortium Members

Check the list of RESAVER Consortium members. Your organisation can join them in shaping the future of RESAVER.

BBMRI-ERIC Austria  
CEU PU Austria  
The Cyprus Institute Cyprus  
ELI DC International Association AISBL Czech Republic  
University of Copenhagen Denmark  
CFE-CGC Agro France  
European Molecular Biology Laboratory Germany  
Central European University Hungary  
CEU Oktatási Szolgaltato Non-profit Ltd Hungary  
ELI-HU Nonprofit Kft Hungary  
University of Limerick Ireland  
ICoRSA Ireland  
Fondazione Edmund Mach Italy  
Fondazione Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia Italy  
Fondazione Bruno Kessler Italy  
Laimburg Research Centre Italy  
University of Luxembourg Luxembourg  
Luxembourg Institute of Health Luxembourg  
Vereniging van Universiteiten (VSNU) Netherlands  
EATRIS ERIC Netherlands  
LifeWatch ERIC Netherlands  
Universities Norway Norway  
Association of Norwegian Research Institutes (Abelia) Norway  
Fundacion Agencia Aragonesa para la Investigacion y el desarrollo Spain  
Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona Spain  
Fundació Institució dels Centres de Recerca de Catalunya Spain  
Institució Catalana de Recerca i Estudis Avançats Spain  
Centre Tecnologic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya Spain  
The Institute of Photonic Sciences Spain  
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine United Kingdom