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The RESAVER Pension Fund is a pan-European pension solution for research organisations and their employees

Who can join?

Both private and public organizations can join the RESAVER Pension Fund provided its main activity includes research and employs researchers.

Is your organisation employing researchers?

A researcher is a professional engaged in the conception or creation of new knowledge, products, processes, methods and systems and in the management of the projects converted.

Why should you join?

Join the RESAVER Consortium and become a member of the RESAVER Pension Fund and help remove pension barriers in the EEA.

  • Participate in meetings with other member organisations to help shape the future of RESAVER
  • Enrol your individual employees in the RESAVER Pension Fund
  • Get the specific benefits designed per country
  • Get access to a shared communications platform
  • Find about opportunities for cost saving in workplace pensions
  • Participate to the Board of Directors meetings, seminars, workshops, etc.
  • Get technical pension support from industry-leading experts

How to join?

Join the RESAVER Consortium to become a member of the RESAVER Pension Fund. 

Simply follow these steps:

  • Download and fill in the RESAVER Application Forms
  • Send the complete form to the Chairman of the Board of Directors at
  • FSMA approves the application and your organisation becomes a member of the RESAVER Pension Fund General Assembly, who will approve your application
  • Upon validation, you will receive an official communication and a Welcome Pack from MY RESAVER including a one-day information seminar in Brussels

The RESAVER Consortium will offer you support throughout the process.

Documents and Contacts

Find below what you need to become a member:

Send your application to the Chairman of the Board of Directors at