Joining the RESAVER Consortium

If you wish to join the RESAVER Consortium, the following information will be useful.

Application form

You can download the application form to join the RESAVER Consortium from the link below.

Alternatively, please Contact Us to request a copy.

Please submit your application to the Board of Directors by sending a copy to

Membership approval

Admission is subject to the approval of the General Assembly.

Introduction seminars

During the seminar you will learn about the finer details of RESAVER, including future actions and details of how your organisation can participate in its roll-out.

Membership fees

This may change in the future, at which point, any membership fee for Full Members and Associate Members may differ and be determined annually by the Board of Directors.

Membership register

  • All Members may consult this register at the registered office of the RESAVER Consortium.
  • Any changes to the representative(s) should be communicated to the Board of Directors in writing, who will update the register.

Length of membership

  • A Member would be required to go through the joining process again if they wish to rejoin.

Suspension/exclusion of membership

Members can be suspended or excluded.

This can happen, if they:

  • no longer meet the membership requirements;
  • are no longer a viable organisation;
  • violate the bylaws and/or internal regulations of the RESAVER Consortium;
  • do not participate in meetings of the General Assembly or other RESAVER Consortium activities (either directly or by proxy) over a period of three years; or
  • do not pay the membership fee when due, if they have failed to pay the fees within one month of having received written notice.


  • Suspension can only be decided by the RESAVER Consortium Board of Directors.
  • Exclusion can only be decided by the General Assembly of the RESAVER Consortium.

Our invitation

If you are interested in joining the RESAVER Consortium, please fill in the application form and supply the required documentation to