Why join the RESAVER Consortium?

There are many benefits to joining the RESAVER Consortium.

What is on offer?

This is an essential step with many advantages – the main one being that your organisation can participate in meetings with other member organisations to share ideas and shape the future of RESAVER.

Other benefits

Other benefits of joining the RESAVER Consortium include:

  • involvement in the common benefits design for each country;
  • access to a shared communications platform;
  • opportunities for cost saving in providing workplace pension and insurance benefits;
  • invitations to events including Board of Directors meetings, seminars and workshops; and
  • technical pensions support from industry-leading experts.

Should my organisation join?

You should consider joining the RESAVER Consortium if:

  • you are interested in joining RESAVER Pension Fund or RESAVER Insurance now or in the future.
  • you want to help shape the future of RESAVER Pension Fund and RESAVER Insurance.
  • you want to help remove pension barriers that affect the mobility of researchers in the EEA.

Where next?

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