Under the surface of RESAVER

Researchers face difficulties in continuing their employer-sponsored pension savings when moving between countries or organisations. RESAVER solves this challenge and makes life easier.

RESAVER Pension Fund...

  • is an occupational pension solution.
  • is available to European public and private organisations engaged in research activities.
  • can be offered to mobile and non-mobile employees.
  • can replace an existing pension plan.
  • includes transparent fee structure with no hidden costs.
  • enables individuals to remain with the same pension arrangement when moving between different countries and employers. (The new employer must be a member of RESAVER.)
  • makes employees’ pension saving easier to understand through providing a consolidated, simplified benefit statement.
  • gives individuals easy access to pension information through a single website.

How does this work on a local level?

  • Each individual pension plan complies fully with its own country’s social and labour law.
  • Joining the RESAVER Pension Fund rather than a local pension plan will not increase your organisation’s tax on contributions or benefits.

What does it mean for a researcher?

  • Take a look at the story of Giovanna and Stephan, two researchers whose career spans multiple European countries and employers. The journey document shows their potential pension savings with and without RESAVER.

Further reading

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RESAVER Insurance

Private pension section

This can be used by individuals who work with an organisation, but who do not have employment contracts and so cannot be included in a workplace pension plan.

Further reading

To find out more, go to the RESAVER Insurance pages.

RESAVER Consortium

In order to take part in RESAVER, an organisation must first join the RESAVER Consortium. Organisations that join are known as Members.

How does it work?

  • The RESAVER Consortium enables organisations to be represented as a single unit. Its purpose is to promote and deliver RESAVER as an operational solution across Europe.
  • The more organisations join RESAVER, the more effective it becomes for individuals to be able to build up pan-European pension savings.

Further reading

To find out more including how to join, go to the RESAVER Consortium pages.