Resaver Insurance

RESAVER Insurance is a multi-country insured retirement solution offering a deļ¬ned contribution pension arrangement for research organisations and their individual employees.


RESAVER Insurance is also available for your individual employees without employment contracts.

The nature and detail of RESAVER Insurance may vary from country to country and is subject to the applicable local tax and technical restrictions.


A workplace pension section:

  • as a short-term solution for organisations in countries that are not yet participating in RESAVER Pension Fund. Once the applicable country is participating in the RESAVER Pension Fund the organisation transfers to the RESAVER Pension Fund; and
  • as a long-term solution for organisations in countries for which the RESAVER Pension Fund is not the right solution.

A private pension section:

This is for individuals who have a relationship with an organisation that is a member of RESAVER, but who do not have an employment contract. For example, individuals who are paid through grants.

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You can read more about RESAVER Insurance on the Workplace Pension and Private Pension pages.