RESAVER Insurance: Workplace Pension

A short-term solution provided by an insurance company for organisations located in countries that are not yet operational in the RESAVER Pension Fund or for which RESAVER Pension Fund is not the primary solution.

When is it the right option?

As a short-term solution to organisations registered in countries not yet participating in the RESAVER Pension Fund.

  • To see which countries are taking part and when we expect other countries to join, please see the Participating Countries page.

As a long-term solution if the RESAVER Pension Fund is not the right solution for your organisation. 

  • This might be because of legislation in your country, for example, in certain countries there may be a limit on the value of contributions that can be paid into the RESAVER Pension Fund.
  • Where this is the case, additional savings would go into RESAVER Insurance.
  • In this scenario, RESAVER Insurance may be appropriate either instead of, or as well as, RESAVER Pension Fund.

Further detail

Please also note the following:

  • Once your country is participating in the RESAVER Pension Fund savings will be transferred from RESAVER Insurance to RESAVER Pension Fund.
  • Organisations using RESAVER Insurance have a local contract with a local insurance company. However, the terms of that contract are negotiated by the RESAVER Consortium to ensure fees are as competitive as possible and to ensure consistency across countries, where possible and practical.
  • The design of RESAVER Insurance is as close to that of the RESAVER Pension Fund as possible.

If you are interested in joining RESAVER Insurance please Contact Us.