Participating Countries

RESAVER has been rolled out in Hungary and is also set up for Italy and Austria.

A harmonised network

Participating countries

A Participating Country is one from which an organisation has signed up to the RESAVER initiative and in which eligible individual employee members are located.

The Participating Country’s national social and labour laws regulate the pension benefits provided.

The national social and labour laws can include, but are not limited to:

  • the benefits that are provided, for example, a maximum level of benefits and the form of benefit payment (lump sum, annuity and/or drawdown);
  • participation requirements such as minimum/maximum waiting periods, voluntary/compulsory participation;
  • investment requirements, for example, minimum investment guarantees; and
  • member information/disclosure requirements.


The aim is to have organisations from nine countries operating in the RESAVER Pension Fund by the end of 2018. During this time, other EEA countries will be able to participate in RESAVER Insurance.

In the longer term:

  • we expect all EEA countries to be participating in the RESAVER Pension Fund and assets will be transferred (as appropriate) from RESAVER Insurance to the RESAVER Pension Fund as relevant countries are added; and
  • RESAVER Insurance will only hold assets in respect of private pension savings and workplace pension assets for organisations not legally able to participate in the RESAVER Pension Fund.

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