The RESAVER Pension Fund in detail

Find out how the RESAVER Pension Fund works, explore the investment options, and read about the role of MYRESAVER, the administrative service centre for member organisations.

Plan characteristics

Plan contributions:

  • Member organisations (employers) and potentially individual members (their employees) pay contributions into individual members’ accounts.
  • These contributions are invested to help build up the value of individual members’ accounts. Individual members are able to choose how their account is invested from the investment options that are available.
  • A recommended contribution rate can be provided but organisations are able to choose the employer and employee contribution levels, subject to any restrictions as a result of local social and labour laws and local tax laws.
  • We expect different countries to have different contribution levels depending on local market practice.
  • We expect different organisations to have different contribution levels depending on competitiveness, affordability and their overall benefits package.

Taking retirement benefits:

  • When an individual member retires, the value of their account is used to provide a retirement income.
  • Within the RESAVER Pension Fund there are multiple country sections, each compliant with the applicable local social and labour laws. This means that depending on the country, benefits must be taken as a cash lump sum, a pension or the individual member will have a choice between the two.
  • These differences are reflected in the fund rules of each country section where necessary, though the aim is to have as much consistency as possible.


The characteristics vary depending on the organisation's country. 

The defined contribution structure ensures there are no cross-subsidies between member organisations.

Investment options

  • Lifestyle (or life-cycle) investment, where the underlying asset allocation is automatically adjusted to become more conservative (or less risky) as the retirement date approaches. This is the default investment option.
  • Freestyle investment, where the individual selects the funds that best match their own attitude to risk in line with their retirement plan.


Other investment options can be established if there are specific local requirements. 

Downloads and other reading:

To learn more about the investment options, please see downloads below.

Member Service Centre (myresaver)

Features include:

An investment platform to track individual members’ account information by investment type, source of contributions (employer, employee) and country.

Individual support through the myresaver website, while supporting the mobility of individuals from one RESAVER organisation to another.

A secure online facility for the RESAVER Pension Fund Board, organisations and individuals, integrating a full range of administration services:

  • handling multiple currencies, funds and investment profiles;
  • management of investment portfolios;
  • record keeping and statistical reports of underlying assets;
  • portfolio book-keeping; and
  • reporting for country specific market regulators.

More information and other resources:

To learn more about the MSC, visit the myresaver page.